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Let me help you create a website you can be proud of.

Web design is both an art and a science. Your artistic mind helps create the concept. Your scientific mind creates the functionality. All my websites are audience-focused and are shaped to meet your specific needs. While I enjoy creating minimal, modern designs; I am always up to the challenge of creating anything you desire.

Bucks Country Gardens

Bucks Country Gardens is an independent garden center in south-eastern Pennsylvania and is one of my former employers. The scope of this project was to take a previously existing website that was not responsive and turn it into a modern design. The website had previously used WordPress as their blogging platform which I modified to redesign the entire website.

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SJ Kreations

SJ Kreations is a small business owned and operated by my brother and sister-in-law that specializes in handmade crafts and up-cycled products. The scope of this project was to create nothing more than establishing a web presence. This business primarily operates on social media and with a physical location. This is a one page design that uses smooth scrolling functionality from one anchor to another.

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The Hangry Diaries

The Hangry Diaries is a foodie blog I designed for a friend of mine. She really wanted to model this website after other food blogger websites she is familiar with. She wanted it clean and modern so that her content is what really shined. Nothing overly flashy about this one. Just simple, clean, good design.

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Oils with Dustin

Oils with Dustin is another one of my personal websites I use to provide information about essential oils. This website is clean, simple and responsive and functions with the end user in mind. All of the text content on this site was written by yours truly and I think you’ll find it appealing. If you’re into oils or would like to be, let’s chat!

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Mobile Systems & Intelligent Communication Lab

Laboratory website for the VCU College of Engineering. One of the students who works in the lab handles the content updates and maintenance of the website. I was responsible for creating the overall design and layout. Another simple, but effective, Bootstrap website.

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Development Websites

Below is a list of websites that are still in development. Many of the links have been disabled and only the index page is visible. This will give you an idea of my design direction without publicizing the entire website.